Unifiedpost and French federation of accountants sustainably join forces

December 22, 2022

Ongoing partnership for French e-invoicing platform jefacture.com will be anchored in joint venture

La Hulpe, Belgium – December 22, 2022, 7.00 a.m. CET, European leader in e-invoicing Unifiedpost Group (Euronext: UPG) (Unifiedpost, the Group or the Company) has set up a joint venture with ECMA - the entity linked to the digitization of the cabinets of the French National Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants - to establish their ongoing partnership in the long term. It will also allow both parties to maximise the full market potential of jefacture.com. This e-invoicing platform developed by Unifiedpost for ECMA enables French chartered accountants to help their clients in the transition towards mandatory B2B e-invoicing. Next to that, it facilitates the additional, direct market entry of the platform to tens of thousands of SMEs.

As from 1 July 2024, all French companies should be able to receive e-invoices. This implies a significant implementation of calibrated technology by all businesses in order to comply with this VAT-based regulation. Already in 2020, ECMA therefore closed a partnership with Belgian listed e-invoicing provider Unifiedpost in order to provide French accountants with a platform to manage the e-invoicing flows of their clients. Today jefacture.com allows SMEs to dematerialize and route all purchase and sales invoices in Factur-X format and to integrate them in their management tools. In France, there are about 20.000 accountants serving 2,75 million of SMEs. More than 600 million B2B invoices are send out yearly in the country.

Now this partnership is taken to the next level. As ECMA wants to invest heavily in the ongoing transformation and therefore wants to sustainable anchor the exploitation of jefacture.com, also to SMEs directly, the joint venture Facturel was created together with Unifiedpost. 

François Millo, Director of ECMA stated: "Although mandatory e-invoicing will bring productivity gains for businesses, and in particular the smallest ones, it will nevertheless remain complex to implement. With jefacture.com, chartered accountants know that they can rely on a trusted e-invoicing platform in the context of this crucial reform. jefacture.com enables them to be at the heart of the invoicing flows, to assist their clients in passing this legislative milestone.” 

Hans Leybaert, CEO and founder of Unifiedpost Group stated: “Thanks to the joined expertise and experience of ECMA and Unifiedpost, accumulated by the jefacture.com platform since its launch in 2020, chartered accountants and companies have a functional and efficient tool that allows them to anticipate the transition to electronic invoicing without waiting until July 2024. With the creation of Facturel, we are sending a message to the market of a joint long-term collaboration. It shows the necessary commitment and allows the pooling of significant resources to meet the security requirements set by the public authorities.”


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About ECMA

Being a non-profit organisation created by the French National Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants, ECMA provides digital solutions simplifying and securing daily business of chartered accountants. ECMA supports French chartered accountants and their clients to their constantly digital transformation. Among these solutions, jefacture.com is the e-invoicing platform designed by chartered accountants for their clients. jefacture.com is used on a daily basis by thousands of accounting firms and SME’s.

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